The Worse Person I Ever Served

Now, you may have no idea who I am, but I assure you I have had my bad experiences while working in the food industry.  I started working at the age of 12 at a high class Italian restaurant where I basically had to do every spot that was given at the restaurant.  This meant from time to time if the waiters were busy I would have to cook the food, and serve it as well along with cleaning the table once the customers were finished eating.  On an extremely busy night I did not know what was coming my way, as a woman came in by herself, and sat at a table.

She placed an order with a waiter, and he sent me over the slip. This is what the woman order (not kidding at all). She wanted a whole pizza, one half white, other half red, but she wanted one side well done, and the side extra doughy.  Now, you may be asking yourself what the hell is he talking about? Exactly. This is what I had to put up with, and I had no idea how I was going to cook one pizza two different ways. This is like going to a restaurant, and ordering a steak, but wanted one half well done, and one half rare.

Either way I did the order, and just so happen to be the person who had to serve it to her.  I walked up to her table with the pizza, and said “Hello, how are you tonight? She replied “ Terrible, I’ve been waiting 15 minutes for my food to come out” I apologized, and explained how busy it was tonight, even though 15 minutes isn’t that long to wait for a pizza. She continued to say this “ It isn’t your fault the cook is bad at his job”. I didn’t want to explain to her that I was the one who cooked it seeing how moody she already was. I placed the pizza on her table, and told her to enjoy! I walked back to the kitchen, and continued to finish orders.

Literally a minute later my boss told me to go back out to the table that I just served. I dropped what I was doing, and went back out to the table.  I see the woman sitting there seeming to be very upset with her order. She explained t me that the side she wanted well done was to well done, and the side she wanted extra doughy was too doughy.  I asked her if she would like me to send her out another one. For some reason she did not, but she did give me an ear full about how the chef at this place should keep his day job, because his pizza making skills are terrible.  This was the first complaint I have ever gotten about making pizzas, and still to this day people tell me I make the best pizza they have ever tasted (not to sound arrogant).  To be honest I felt she was speaking this way because she didn’t know I cooked it, and probably was looking for a free meal.

The woman finally left, and my boss asked to clean up the table she was sitting at. I went over to a messy table , and to my surprise she left a huge tip. I was so shocked.confused to why she would leave such a big tip seeing how she had negative feelings about her meal. Now, keep in mind that I cooked her food, and served her food to her, and was now cleaning up her mess. Next to the tip laid a note which read, and I’m not kidding “This tip is left behind not because of the food, but because the boy waiting on me had a gap in his teeth, and it’s hard to look at. Hopefully this money will be a start for him to get his teeth repaired.” Ouch...keep in mind i was also 13 at the time, and either way who has the audacity to do that?

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