Slow Food

I was about 14, and I was working in a high class Italian restaurant. It was a Friday night, and people always crowded the restaurant and called in delivery orders left, and right. We would be doing up to 100 pizzas per hour, along with serving classic dishes such as chicken parmesan, and spaghetti and meatballs. We had to rely on some new delivery driver we just hired that week to take hundreds of orders that had been called in for delivery. I wasn’t too crazy about this guy straight from the geico, I know it was his first week, but we got complaints from people saying the food that was delivered to them had slices of pizza missing from their order. Which is hands down the dumbest thing you think you can sneak a bite out of. Pizza are basically puzzles you're going to know if they aren’t complete. Either way we needed this new delivery driver to make sure these orders got out, and got out fast. It was one of the busiest times of the night, and we had over 50 orders to send on one run. We gave this goofy ball all these orders, and he left. An hour later we began getting calls that peoples orders weren’t being delivered, which was weird because our delivery driver left an hour ago. I went to check the back parking lot, and I found his car crashed into a pole close to the restaurant. i found him unconscious in car(he was okay), and when he finally came through he told me he was going over the orders for a while in the back. When he finally decided to take the orders he reached in someones order, grab a slice of pizza, but when he went to take a bite it was too hot, and he ended up crashing his car. The rest of the orders made it out that night, but at a very slow pace seeing how my boss had to delivery them. Oh also the delivery driver got fired, if you didn’t already know.

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