Different Options Dont Disappoint!

The way you take on a journey doesn’t matter if you get to your destination right? That is why we need to explore our options when it comes to what we decided to eat. People get discouraged by healthier options, or a food option that isn’t in their normal routine. To some people bacon, is just bacon, and a burger is just a burger. What if I told  you that these two classic had another way of being prepared, and eaten? Crazy right? not so much. Rather than using ground beef when making your next burger, why not give ground turkey a shot. Ground turkey is healthier than ground beef, but it doesn’t skimp on the flavor. Do the same with bacon, why not give turkey bacon a shot for next sandwich or salad.

I grew to love turkey bacon even more than original bacon, if I said that to myself 10 years ago i wouldn’t even believe. I’ll even request a good turkey burger at my local restaurants from time to time. Crazy how years ago I didn’t even know the realm of which simple food could go into, and now I prefer the alternative to the original. Not saying that I don’t still enjoy a burger, or bacon, but know I have more options to play, and I’m happy because of this.

Different options don’t just stop in the realm of meat, why not try having some egg whites with your toast next time you eat breakfast. Egg whites are just as tasty, and a lot healthier than you would expect.

And for those people that love to use mayo in their tuna, potato, or pasta salads why not give a fresh avocado the starting spot. I found that using fresh avocados instead of mayo makes the dishes a lot better for your body, but still giving satisfying results in your belly. The texture of the avocado is almost the same as mayo, but brings a new, and exciting taste to these classic salads.

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