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Different Options Dont Disappoint!

The way you take on a journey doesn’t matter if you get to your destination right? That is why we need to explore our options when it comes to what we decided to eat. People get discouraged by healthier options, or a food option that isn’t in their normal routine. To some people bacon, is just bacon, and a burger is just a burger. What if I told  you that these two classic had another way of being prepared, and eaten? Crazy right? not so much. Rather than using ground beef when making your next burger, why not give ground turkey a shot. Ground turkey is healthier than ground beef, but it doesn’t skimp on the flavor. Do the same with bacon, why not give turkey bacon a shot for next sandwich or salad.

I grew to love turkey bacon even more than original bacon, if I said that to myself 10 years ago i wouldn’t even believe. I’ll even request a good turkey burger at my local restaurants from time to time. Crazy how years ago I didn’t even know the realm of which simple food could go into, and now I prefer the alternative to the original. Not saying that I don’t still enjoy a burger, or bacon, but know I have more options to play, and I’m happy because of this.

Different options don’t just stop in the realm of meat, why not try having some egg whites with your toast next time you eat breakfast. Egg whites are just as tasty, and a lot healthier than you would expect.

And for those people that love to use mayo in their tuna, potato, or pasta salads why not give a fresh avocado the starting spot. I found that using fresh avocados instead of mayo makes the dishes a lot better for your body, but still giving satisfying results in your belly. The texture of the avocado is almost the same as mayo, but brings a new, and exciting taste to these classic salads.

Comics Love Food Too.. No Joke!

I got the chance to catch up with fellow comedian/foodie Nicole Yates this week. Nicole, and I have two things in common we both love food, and comedy. Nicole also writes for a blog called http://didjaeat.com/ which main focus is food. I thought rather than going over some recipes or how to prepare some elegant dish, I’d ask some simple questions, and see what’d we come up with.

Q. What's your favorite food to eat?

Nicole: I love a good ribeye steak, but I also love a really great burger. I could also probably eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life if I could. I’m such a glutton, it’s hard to narrow it down.

Q. Seeing how we both live in Philadelphia do you think there is anywhere else in the world that has a better cheesesteak then us?

Nicole: People who have never been here have no idea exactly what a cheesesteak even is. I was in a really big diner outside chicago a while back. I noticed they had a "philly cheesesteak" on the menu and it made me laugh. I said jokingly to the waitress "Philly Cheesesteak? What's that? A steak on a roll?". And straight faced she said to me "Well, what else would it be?". So that little story sums up the rest of the world's ideas on cheesesteaks.

Q. I'm currently attempting to make every Sunday National Taco Day. Would you support the cause?

Nicole: I would wholeheartedly support that!  Would hard and soft tacos take turns on sundays? So many logistical questions!

Q.You have your favorite food dropped on the floor, do you pick it up, and eat it, or just let it go?

Nicole: It really does depend on a wide assortment of things. Where am I when this happens? Will anyone see me? How hungry am I? Is there more of it? Can you believe I'm still single? Me either!

Q. A five star meal made by Chef Ramsey, or a fast food place?

Nicole: If I can pick the foods Ramsey would cook, then I'd pick him. Otherwise, fast food. Mostly because I have no need for offal meats and other gross stuff.

Q. Is their a type of food you will never try?

Nicole: I will never eat bugs. Never. I'm not at all interested in organ meat either. And I hate asparagus and brussel sprouts.

Q. You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Nicole: Cheesesteaks or pizza.  Or! My Babci's Goblacki (it's a Polish thing: ground meat and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves and cooked in a tomato soup).

It was a pleasure getting somes answers from Nicole, even though she may have left us with more questions. When you get a chance check out Nicoles site http://yatesycomedy.com/, and if you happen to be around Philadelphia, you can check her out live at the M Room Septemeber 19, or at Ruba Septemeber 26th.

The Worse Person I Ever Served

Now, you may have no idea who I am, but I assure you I have had my bad experiences while working in the food industry.  I started working at the age of 12 at a high class Italian restaurant where I basically had to do every spot that was given at the restaurant.  This meant from time to time if the waiters were busy I would have to cook the food, and serve it as well along with cleaning the table once the customers were finished eating.  On an extremely busy night I did not know what was coming my way, as a woman came in by herself, and sat at a table.

She placed an order with a waiter, and he sent me over the slip. This is what the woman order (not kidding at all). She wanted a whole pizza, one half white, other half red, but she wanted one side well done, and the side extra doughy.  Now, you may be asking yourself what the hell is he talking about? Exactly. This is what I had to put up with, and I had no idea how I was going to cook one pizza two different ways. This is like going to a restaurant, and ordering a steak, but wanted one half well done, and one half rare.

Either way I did the order, and just so happen to be the person who had to serve it to her.  I walked up to her table with the pizza, and said “Hello, how are you tonight? She replied “ Terrible, I’ve been waiting 15 minutes for my food to come out” I apologized, and explained how busy it was tonight, even though 15 minutes isn’t that long to wait for a pizza. She continued to say this “ It isn’t your fault the cook is bad at his job”. I didn’t want to explain to her that I was the one who cooked it seeing how moody she already was. I placed the pizza on her table, and told her to enjoy! I walked back to the kitchen, and continued to finish orders.

Literally a minute later my boss told me to go back out to the table that I just served. I dropped what I was doing, and went back out to the table.  I see the woman sitting there seeming to be very upset with her order. She explained t me that the side she wanted well done was to well done, and the side she wanted extra doughy was too doughy.  I asked her if she would like me to send her out another one. For some reason she did not, but she did give me an ear full about how the chef at this place should keep his day job, because his pizza making skills are terrible.  This was the first complaint I have ever gotten about making pizzas, and still to this day people tell me I make the best pizza they have ever tasted (not to sound arrogant).  To be honest I felt she was speaking this way because she didn’t know I cooked it, and probably was looking for a free meal.

The woman finally left, and my boss asked to clean up the table she was sitting at. I went over to a messy table , and to my surprise she left a huge tip. I was so shocked.confused to why she would leave such a big tip seeing how she had negative feelings about her meal. Now, keep in mind that I cooked her food, and served her food to her, and was now cleaning up her mess. Next to the tip laid a note which read, and I’m not kidding “This tip is left behind not because of the food, but because the boy waiting on me had a gap in his teeth, and it’s hard to look at. Hopefully this money will be a start for him to get his teeth repaired.” Ouch...keep in mind i was also 13 at the time, and either way who has the audacity to do that?

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Panini

What if I told you a classic bar dish could be turned into an elegant sandwich, that any person would pay a couple extra bucks to get. No matter where you go in the world people love buffalo wings with either ranch dressing, or blue cheese dressing. What i have done here is made recipe that will make the mess of getting all of that hot sauce on your hands a thing of the past. Paninis are becoming a huge craze in the culinary world now a days, so what I decided to do is take a classic delicious dish, and infuse it into modern times. This sandwich is simple, and you’ll only need a few thing to make this happen.

-Cooked Chicken that has been marinated in your favorite hot sauce

-Bleu Cheese or Ranch dressing(whichever you prefer)

-A slice of American cheese

-Panini Bread

-Panini Press


It is literally that simple to make this sandwich, but believe me even the simplest things can bring a huge impact. This panini will pack a spicy punch that will have you going from bite to bite. All you need to do is put your ingredients onto the panini bread, then press until you have hit your desired crispness.

Slow Food

I was about 14, and I was working in a high class Italian restaurant. It was a Friday night, and people always crowded the restaurant and called in delivery orders left, and right. We would be doing up to 100 pizzas per hour, along with serving classic dishes such as chicken parmesan, and spaghetti and meatballs. We had to rely on some new delivery driver we just hired that week to take hundreds of orders that had been called in for delivery. I wasn’t too crazy about this guy straight from the geico, I know it was his first week, but we got complaints from people saying the food that was delivered to them had slices of pizza missing from their order. Which is hands down the dumbest thing you think you can sneak a bite out of. Pizza are basically puzzles you're going to know if they aren’t complete. Either way we needed this new delivery driver to make sure these orders got out, and got out fast. It was one of the busiest times of the night, and we had over 50 orders to send on one run. We gave this goofy ball all these orders, and he left. An hour later we began getting calls that peoples orders weren’t being delivered, which was weird because our delivery driver left an hour ago. I went to check the back parking lot, and I found his car crashed into a pole close to the restaurant. i found him unconscious in car(he was okay), and when he finally came through he told me he was going over the orders for a while in the back. When he finally decided to take the orders he reached in someones order, grab a slice of pizza, but when he went to take a bite it was too hot, and he ended up crashing his car. The rest of the orders made it out that night, but at a very slow pace seeing how my boss had to delivery them. Oh also the delivery driver got fired, if you didn’t already know.

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